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Nutraceutical Innovation

YETI is a nutraceutical company based in Sri Lanka.

At YETI, innovation is our lifeblood. Starting with functional ingredients, we create innovative products that bring a unique, multi-sensory experience for the consumer.

We aim to provide functional and healthy products for those seeking to live life to the fullest, unlocking new opportunities in nutraceutical innovation.

The company was founded by Dr. Dilshan Balasuriya and Nishelli Perera (more commonly known as Bala and Bossman) in hope to one day put Sri Lanka on the map for nutraceutical innovation. 

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Dr. Dilshan Balasuriya


With a first class honours Pharmacology degree (BSc.) from University College London and a Ph.D. in Molecular Neuro Pharmacology from the University of Cambridge, Dilshan has an exemplary academic record with 10 peer-reviewed scientific publications to date. He has studied the structure and function of proteins at the single-molecule level using atomic force microscopy (AFM). His research has led to a significant advancement in receptor biology.

After returning to Sri Lanka, Dilshan spearheaded new product development at a leading pharmaceutical company where he collaborated with external research institutes, foreign partners and the company’s R&D team to develop a pipeline of innovative drugs.

As the co-founder of Yeti he is responsible for creating a portfolio of 27 nutraceutical products which include functional beverages, nutritional powders and Ayurvedha based products.

Dr. B is an avid adventurer, mountain climber, wild-life photographer and ornithologist. 


Nishelli Perera


Nishelli graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor's in economics and a master's in economic research as the top graduate in the program and was consequently recruited by a leading analytics company in Texas where she built econometric models for clients such as Nestle and Walmart.

After returning to Sri Lanka, she was the Head of Strategy at a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company for 5 years. In 2016, she co-founded YETI with Dr. B, with the goal of creating Sri Lankan products with global potential. She was recognized by Cosmopolitan Magazine as one of the ‘Top 35 Trail-Blazing Women under 35 Years’ in Sri Lanka for her work with Yeti. 


Nishelli is certified in Circular Design and Manufacturing, with experience in developing sustainable, circular business models for clients in the fashion industry. 

Nishelli is a certified fitness instructor and loves the out-doors.



Brand Ambassador

Meet the inspiration behind YETI, our beloved canine Brand Ambassador, Yeti the Leonberger. A true embodiment of strength, majesty, and gentleness, Yeti is the heart and soul of our brand.


Yeti a symbol of resilience and power, reminiscent of the mythical snow creature that roams the Himalayan mountains. Standing tall and strong, Yeti commands attention with his regal presence, mirroring the essence of the rugged terrains where the legendary creature is said to dwell.

Yeti's gentle nature is as remarkable as his size, making him a beloved companion and a perfect representation of the balance we strive for in our sports drink – strength without compromise. As we draw inspiration from Yeti's spirit, we craft beverages that embody the same qualities: power, endurance, and a touch of gentleness that sets us apart.

Just as the Himalayan yeti remains a mythical and awe-inspiring figure, our Yeti, the Leonberger, stands as a living testament to the extraordinary.



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