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What is Collagen?

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the human body and the main structural protein in the skin. Collagen is the decisive protein that determines skin physiology, by maintaining the skin structure.

Collagen is also found in our hair, nails, teeth, cartilage, ligaments and bones. It is one of the most important components of our connective tissue.

Why do I need Collagen?

Our body's ability to produce collagen naturally decreases as we get older. This leads to wrinkles in the skin, thinned hair, brittle nails and bones and general deterioration of joint health. 

YETY Collagen is a timely intervention to combat the natural depletion of collagen in our bodies.

How will YETY Collagen make a difference?

YETY Collagen is a pure hydrolyzed collagen peptide powder, precisely formulated to counter the impact of the natural depletion of collagen. 

YETY Collagen will improve the skin elasticity and glow, and support the regeneration of hair, nails and improve your joint health.

Collagen Pure.png
YETY Collagen Powder
150g | 30 Servings

YETI Collagen Powder is pure collagen powder with absolutely nothing else added. No sugar, no preservatives, no flavour. 


Just mix 1-2 teaspoons into yourfavourite hot or cold beverage such as tea, coffee, smoothies or water.

YETY Collagen+ Powder
120g | 15 Servings
Lemon flavoured


YETY Collagen+ contains pure hydrolyzed collagen plus an essential blend of vitamins (A,B,C,D3,E & K2) and Calcium.

Mix this powder to a glass of water to enjoy a refreshing lemon flvoured drink. All our collagen drinks contain zero sugar!

Collagen 200ml.png
Collagen by YETY
200ml | 1 Serving
Strawberry & Guava Flavoured


This ready to drink has Collagen, Biotin and Electrolytes. It mainly focuses on skin hydration, the electrolytes help in hydrating the skin, while collagen and biotin nourishes the skin.

This is great to consume daily to boost your collagen levels and to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Sparkling Collagen
250ml | 1 Serving
Strawberry & Guava Flavoured


If you’re in the mood to upgrade your glow, boost your complexion, or just drink a delicious beverage with a side of health perks, we’ve got you covered. 

This lightly carbonated drink has a refreshing and delicious taste.

Beautiful Skin
80% of your skin's structure is collagen

Collagen refers to a family of proteins that are the primary structural component of connective tissues, such as skin and cartilage


Collagen, the most abundant component of the extracellular matrix, is the decisive protein that determines skin physiology, by maintaining the skin structure.


Collagen formation is diminished in mature skin and the biomatrix of the skin begins to collapse when the collagen scaffold loses its strength and stability

Inspired by Mom

"My mum, poetically named Ganga Nelum, has always portrayed Sri Lankan natural beauty to me. She barely wears a touch of make up and loves her brown skin. Since I was 11, she’s been mistaken for my sister. When we created a drink to enhance natural beauty using collagen peptides, vitamins and minerals, Nelum was the inspiration and hence the flower depicted on the label. Coincidentally, Dr.B’s mother is Manel!


Nelum & Manel: our inspiration for this product!"



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