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Yeti Isotonic

Discover the power of superior rehydration

You lose a lot more than water when you sweat, including critical electrolytes that help your brain communicate with muscles and regulate your body’s fluid balance. Significant losses in fluids and electrolytes can negatively impact performance, especially during long bouts of training. Yeti Isotonic contains the precise mix of electrolytes for superior rehydration and comprehensive mix of B-vitamins for recovery and energy.

Yeti Range

We've got drinks for all your lifestyle needs

Playing a sport, working out or going on an adventure? Try Yeti Isotonic. 

Feeling under the weather? Try Yeti Vitamin to boost your immune system. 

Feeling stressed? Try De-Stressed by Yeti to relax and focus.

Working out to lose weight? Try zero calorie Yeti Burn with L-Carnitine to burn fat.

Working out to gain muscle? Try Yeti BCAA with amino acids for muscle recovery.

Depleted from sun exposure? Try Hydrate by Yeti to replenish.

Hungover? Try Whale-of-a-Time by Yeti to hydrate your hangover.

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